Direct Manufacturing Services

Direct manufacturing is a technology used to produce a three-dimensional object using an additive layer over layer process, which is commonly referred to as "Additive Manufacturing" or "3D Printing".
Tradecore limited is amongst the first sourcing company that offers direct manufacturing services in China to international customers.

By having a history of being international sales agency and representative related to 3D printing, we have established a network of companies related to 3D printing to our favor. We are the first Hong Kong based company that offers 3D printing outsourcing in China.
Many in our network are multimillion invested company whom have chosen us as a representative due to our expertise, commitment and interest in the 3D printing field.

If you are interested in direct manufacturing please contact us for a discussion and become our partner in this field.

Currently We Can Offer Additive Manufacturing in:

– Metal printing (stainless steel, aluminum, tool steel, titanium, etc.)
– Various plastic, gypsum and others nonmetallic materials

The machine we uses ranges from hobby machines to professional more expensive 3D printer machines with cost up to 800 000 USD/ machine.
For example, EOS M280, EOS M290 and 3DSystem ProJet660.

Every detail is measured and processed as customer drawing description.
Quality measure tool is all ISO verified and the operator operating the machines and gadget is trained and qualified for it.

We have printed out parts for the aero-industry, automobile-industry and medical industry.
In order for us to quote you, please send us your drawing, material of choice, and expected quantity. We will then quote you based on the information you give us.
Every order must be quoted separately since different objects and material have different process and requirement.

How it Works

1. You send us your 3d file with print information and your expected order quantity
2. We quote you
3. You make a payment
3. We send purchase order to our partner that owns the correct machine to 3D print your 3d file
4. When finished, we send the 3d printed object to agreed shipping destination. All shipment are from China.

Picture 1: Parts we have 3D printed for customer