Filament Supplier and Distribution

Tradecore Ltd. has partnership with several 3D printer material manufacturers and engineers in order to produce and to promote new materials for the 3D printing scene, which we gladly supports. 

Today we offer many different types of filaments for FDM/FFF 3D Printers.
(We also offers “Metal 3D Printer Powders” for technologies such as SLM, SLS, EBM, and Laser Cladding.)

Our filament manufacturers are specialized and trained to produce professional 3D printer material according to our guidance in term of quality and production capacity. 

With the rapid development of the 3D printer scene in recent years, we have invested both money and knowledge in achieving a stable distribution channel for distribution of materials for 3D printers. With our network we have the capacity to produce more than 10 000 kg of 3D printer filaments per month.
All manufactured material go through our quality control and our requirements.

Currently We Can Offer These Materials

ABS (including temperature changing colors), PLA (including temperature changing colors), NYLON, PVA, PETG, POM, PC, HIPS, Rubber Flex, PP, Conductive ABS, Woodfill and Frosted CopperFill.

You can also visit our subsite to read more about each material.


The net weight of each roll is ~1.0 kg unless other stated. The total weight including packaging of one spool is ~1.4 kg unless other stated. The spool is made of plastic unless other stated and each filament roll is packaged in vacuum bag with one desiccant in each bag to prevent the filament from absorbing water from the air. The size of one roll holder varies, 190x190x75mm, 200x200x75mm or industry standard.The size of one carton is ~210mm x 210mm x91mm unless other stated. One parcel box can fit 12 rolls and have the following dimensions/weight: 460x285x440mm/743g.


All filament products are manufactured by our preferred partners to meet good quality standard for 3D printing.
The machines that extrudes the filaments have a maximum tolerance of +-0.05 mm. The machines that makes our filaments are equipped with an advanced laser measurement system to detect and help us adjust tolerance limits. The nominal value for 1.75 mm is set to be about 1.70 mm and the nominal value for 3 mm is set to be about 2.85 mm.

3DFM Filament

Our own brand filament is called 3DFM filament and consist of PLA and ABS. This filament is manufactured by a special supplier of ours which grant us perfect true colors. The 3DFM brand uses imported material from USA, Taiwan and Japan to ensure the purest quality for filament making. Advantages with the 3DFM filaments are: True colors and easy to extrude, it will not jam your hotend!



For quotation, please contact us with estimated quantity and material.