Metal Powders Supplier and Distribution

Today we offer many different metal powders for technologies such as SLM, SLS, EBM, and Laser Cladding.
We also offers filaments for FDM/FFF 3D Printing.

We as Metal Powders Supplier

Tradecore Limited are proud to present that we can offers various kind of metal powders for rapid additive manufacturing for use in different applications.


All our powders are made in China by trusted manufacturers with high competence and good prices you won´t find anywhere else.

By teaming up with different trusted powder manufacturers we can offer you metal powders processed by using either Inert Gas Atomization, PREP or Water Atomization. As we however prefer high quality we have prioritized and recommend the inert gas atomizing.

Today We Can Offer to Custom Make Following Metal Powders

The list above is just a small example what we can offer today, if you however want some special formula, please do tell and we will see if we can make it for you.

Types of Powder
Supply – Yes or No 
SS420 Yes
SS316 Yes
Bronze Yes
Iron Yes
Inconel 625 Yes
Inconel 718 Yes
Tungsten Yes
FeCral Alloy Yes
316 Yes
Carbon Graphite No
Cobalt Chrome Yes
17-4 PH S Yes
Haynes 282 Yes
Ti 6-4 & Ti Cp Yes
Tungsten Carbide Yes
Maraging Steel Yes
Copper Yes
Aluminum Yes
Magnesium Yes
Stellite Yes
M2 Yes
H13 Yes
Hastelloy Yes

The raw ingredients in the powders we offer will always be national standard.  

How Does the Order Process Work?

Normally it goes like this:
1. Customer make a request
2. We verify the request is do-able
2. Customer order a test sample
3. We issue a purchase order to manufacture the test sample
4. When test sample is finished we will quality check it and get some data for it
5. We send the sample to customer
6. Customer decide if the sample is good or not for future orders.

Who is Manufacturing the Powders?

The powders is manufactured by our partners in China, depending on your order requirement we have different manufacturers for it. We act on behalf of the manufacturer which means that we indirect are also representing them. We handle all customer service and make sure that you as a customer will always buy with a smile on your face.

To Get a Quotation, Contact us with the Following Information

Material Name
Material Compositions
Average Powder Particle Size
Expected Order Quantity in KG
Manufacturing Process

Price will depend on quantity and material.

Picture 1: Object printed with the powders we offers:




Download the introduction brochure here: