Parts Supplier and Distribution

We offer 3D printing parts for your business. With years of experience in the 3D printing business we have built up experience, knowledge and a network of suppliers in this field, meaning we can provide any parts related to 3D printing for you- directly from China.

Our 3D printing business is based on the collective knowledge and experience to offer companies in the same field parts at reasonable prices and quick delivery.

For startups or ongoing 3D printer manufacturer we also do prototype parts for your machine. If you need a part to be specialized made for mass production we can help you with that.

Example of Parts We Offers for 3D Printer Manufacturer

3D printer boards, hot-ends, heated bed, motors, RAMPS, extruders and other electronics.

Some of the parts can be seen at our subsite:

How Does it Work?

1. Customer make a request
2. We show product info and make a quotation
3. Customer pays for the request
4. We execute the request
5. We send the finished order to customer´s delivery address
6. Feedback communication and improvements

Picture 1: Some parts we are supplying for FDM/FFF 3D Printer