About Us

Tradecore Ltd. is a Swedish managed company based in Hong Kong that mainly specializes in:

  • Product Sourcing and Outsourcing in China
  • 3D Printing Solutions in China
    ‚Äč– Distributor of 3D Printers, parts and related materials
    – Direct Manufacturing Services (We can help you 3D print for a very low cost.)
  • International Products Representative Agency
  • Retailing and Marketspace Provider
  • Helps Connecting Business with Business for Mutal Benefits

Our daily business activities are carried out in Shenzhen SAR China and Sweden. By being close to our supplier we are able to control our products before shipping in terms of quality and can easily offer a wide range of products. We have a big network of trusted suppliers in China that enables us to deliver large orders instantly. Further, our contact network of trusted key persons (up to government level) helps us in many different matters around whole China.

We also serve the global market with world-leading products in the 3D printing technology field. Through www.trcore.com and our online sales platform, 3DFilamenta.com we reach out to clients with different needs.

We are one of the first companies that offers 3D printing services and distribution in China to international market and are well known in our field.

Through our web shop QvikMart.com we sell the latest and coolest products online.

While we believe that a wide contact network and being price competitive is important, we think customer service is even more important. By choosing us as your partner we will not only listen to your request, but also improve your request and make sure that you as our client always will be satisfied.

For orders or any type of inquiries please click here

We have staff that speak fluent English, Chinese, Japanese and Swedish.

Tradecore Limited.
Company No: 1298549
Certification No: 64724331-000-05-15-2
Address: Office Unit 9B, Amtel Building, 148 Des Voeux road central, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (+86) 13164725695
Founder: Sinh Phu