Metal Powder for Additive Manufacturing -Sweden 

This article is about Sweden and its current situation in the industrial 3D Printing field. ADDITIVE Manufacturing or 3D Printing is growing. A well-known Swedish manufacturer of machines for additive manufacturing for steel is Arcam that is selling very well right now. In 2008 the company had 33 employees in Sweden, today there are more […]

YB 3D Printer Powder Brochure-SS316L-17-4 

3D-printing in metal is increasing rapidly and companies such as Arcam, EOS,Exone, 3dsystem, Stratasys and many other companies in the same field are seeing an increase in additive manufacturing. We at tradecore is one of very few company that can offer quality materials for 3D printing. The powders we offer is the  quality "YB Powder" […]

FAQ: Sourcing & Outsourcing 

Introduction We have made a short but detailed FAQ about Sourcing and Outsourcing.  In the presentation you will very fast learn about sourcing and outsourcing, and how you can proceed if you want to source/outsource. This presentation is presented by us, Tradecore Ltd. ( and the following minutes you will learn more about these topics: […]

Additive Manufacturing-The Manufacturing Developments and Trends 

Arcam and Fuubic are two major big Swedish innovation company who develops manufacturing technologies for additive manufacturing. Above is a picture of Arcam´s machine Q10, operating according to the EBM process, that is melting metal layer by layer by means of a powerful electron beam. The details of the object on the left is made […]

Product Development when Outsourcing/Sourcing to China 

Do you need to produce a specialized prototype for your product? You’ll require access to a product creation corporation to get it done. To pull this off properly, it’s crucial that you have management and specialized support in place. We’ve been serving companies for many years, and have been creating new products for manufacturing for […]

Tcore Services-Sourcing China and 3D Printing