FAQ: Sourcing & Outsourcing


We have made a short but detailed FAQ about Sourcing and Outsourcing.  In the presentation you will very fast learn about sourcing and outsourcing, and how you can proceed if you want to source/outsource.
This presentation is presented by us, Tradecore Ltd. (www.trcore.com) and the following minutes you will learn more about these topics:

What are Outsourcing?
Why Outsource?
What are Sourcing?
Why Sourcing?
What Problems May Occurs if You Source Yourself!
How to Avoid Sourcing Problems?
Why Hire a Sourcing Agent?
What Categorize a Good Sourcing Agency?
Who are We?

To get the pdf file, please download our Sourcing and Outsourcing introduction here Tradecore Sourcing Outsourcing

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