Product Development when Outsourcing/Sourcing to China

Do you need to produce a specialized prototype for your product? You’ll require access to a product creation corporation to get it done. To pull this off properly, it’s crucial that you have management and specialized support in place.

We’ve been serving companies for many years, and have been creating new products for manufacturing for a long time. We understand the procedure. We know what to do. And we understand what to emphasize in order to proficiently develop your invention the way that you expect it.

Bearing that in mind, let’s take a look at our complete process for product development in China.

Product Development Process

With Tradecore and its China sourcing and China manufacturing service, there exists a number of steps that needs to be taken during product development. There're:

1. Defining the product concept
In this stage, it’s essential to understand the product needed to be developed and the clients requirements. Through the first step, your China sourcing agent must study whether the product is cost-effective to develop.

2. Appropriate factories has to be defined
Throughout this stage, we will begin investigating factories to work with. We soure in China and the outcome will be based on expense, experience, quality, reliability and other factors.

3. Prototype creation
In the event the customer has determined the manufacturer or manufacturers to work with, it’s time to begin the prototype. This stage will consist of CAD modelling, molds, sketches, completing condition sheets, etc. and so the prototype will be manufactured by the factory. This is the most work intensive phase during the process, and consists of ongoing troubleshooting.

4. The approval
The developmental phase
wraps up during this stage. The prototype is produced and the customer will approve. Once approved, it’s time to move on.
Tradecore with its China outsourcing service
can easily create a product or products according to your specifications. When outsourcing to China, understand that product development and research is the main element to overall success.

Once product development is finished, you keep all rights and possession of all sketches and certification used during the entire project.

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