International Products Representative Agency

Let us help your business to represent your products, we will translate, market and represent you. Through intensive internet marketing such as SEO your products will reach out.

If you have a product you want to market but do neither have knowledge in marketing or know the local language, then we are the perfect partner for you. AND it is all free!

We are helping startups and established brand to market and represent their brand. In either English, Swedish or Chinese.  We want to be your international representative agency and we will make sure we will do a good job.

Why am We Doing it for Free?

There are many good products that have potential to be big or at least known. What we are doing is representing your product at our online retail store. At this point at either or at
We represent your product and make sure we deliver perfect customer service for it.

For us to be a sales agent/representative for your products means we will help you to:
– reach out to audience you normally can not
– translate product manual to English, Swedish or Chinese for easy understanding
– offer splendid customer service and act on behalf of your products and brand

Will We Accept to Represent All brands?
In order for us to make the best of the situation we will only accept to represent brands/products we feel comfortable with or products we see have potential for the massmarket.
In the end we are the one that decides if we wants to represent your brand and products.

To see the brands we currently are representing, please take a look at our Product Portfolio.