Product Sourcing & Outsourcing Solutions

We help your business find the most price competitive products. 
Do you want to outsource your manufacturing or services? 

Product sourcing and outsourcing in China is two of our core business directions.

With many years of experience in the production and supplier sourcing field, we can offer you the best solutions for your business. On top of that we only charge a small percentage of provision between 6-12% of the total product value price if you buy through us.

We are based in Hong Kong with operations in China, Shenzhen. Our business is a network of trusted suppliers and trusted quality inspectors whom we cooperate with which in turn give us buying prices that are lower than market price.

Product Sourcing Process
If you are interested in a certain product or products you want to sell, contact and provide us the following information:
1. Product details (drawings, product data, requirement, etc)
2. Expected order quantity
3. Other information.

We will then find a suitable supplier for you. If the supplier fits your needs we will add a small fee in the price. You then decide if you want to buy from us.

Product Outsourcing Process

If you want to manufacture your products in China, contact us and provide the following information:
1. Product details (drawings, product data, requirement)
2. Expected monthly manufacturing quantity forecast
3. Other information

We will then find a suitable supplier whom can help you manufacture your products. We will add a small fee in the price. You then decide if you want to buy from us.
If your outsourcing is pure assembling we will let our preferred partner do it for us.

We have our own people that control the quality per your requirement before shipment.

Customer Service
We will provide daily customer service, either through, Skype, email, phone or video conference.
We live by our reputation and take customer service very seriously, we promise that you will be satisfied by our customer service.
We offer customer service in: English, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese.

Why Choose us?
Tradecore Ltd. is a reliable supplier which is trusted by many customers and manufacturers around the globe. Our sites: and backs up the statement.
We are experts in efficiency, customer service and offer solutions of the highest quality for all types of businesses and organizations.

The Reason you Should Choose us are our:
– Experience in outsourcing
– Experience in sourcing and trading
– Expert in dealing with problem that may occur with factory and find a solution to solve it
– Competent customer service in quality, production, metallic industry, molding, electronic, and general engineering.
– Customer service in fluent English, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Cantonese
– Big network of already trusted factories and connection in China/Hong Kong and Taiwan
– Specialist knowledge in 3D printing (direct manufacturing), production and engineering
– Quality, we assure your deliveries and product will be as you want it to be and not what the supplier want it to be!
– Trust, we have been a proven retailer and so is our trading service 

Why Use Us as a Trading Company and Why Not Deal with the Factory Yourself?

There are many reason for this. Occasionally, a customer will ask us why they should work through a trading company instead of themselves take direct contact with the factory. Here are five reasons why:

1. When Purchasing from China, it’s Critical to Know Who You’re Dealing with
It’s not unusual for us to receive email conversation or call from a new client who tried buying direct from a factory in China on their own and got burned. Normally, they identified a supplier through an e-commerce site, had a few samples made, and then gave the factory a deposit. Problems arose, and so the Chinese factory stopped all communication. In the February 28, 2011 edition, Businessweek reported that around 2,300 vendors were found to have been scamming global buyers though the largest e-commerce site in China (Alibaba and others). In case you don’t know who you’re dealing with in China, the possibilities you will get burned are high. That said, many prefer to work through a China or Hong Kong Trading company that have very good relationship with the factory, and for you it is a relief that you know who you can trust. Let's prequalify the factories by giving them a call and asking the right questions regarding their capabilities and manufacturing process before we start. This is critical; once you decide to go alone, you won’t know if you’re dealing with a factory, a trading company, or a guy sitting in his apartment with a PC as his only tool.

2. We as a Hong Kong Chinese Trading Company Know our Partners and the Culture
Picture a Chinese business person coming to U.S. and attempting to buy or sell a new product line or service. He doesn’t know which place to go or how the culture works. He fumbles all around, being unsure of whether the company he’s working with is reputable or if they will do what they promise. The American business culture is unknown and strange to him and he finds it weird, maybe even rude, that they don’t invite the Chinese business person to a banquet, which is normal doing business in China. It’s the exact same if you go to China on your own. Chinese business persons don’t think or do business like U.S/European or others. In the U.S. if a factory messes up an order they can get sued. In China, the factory will just walk away if there’s a problem, like nothing happened; there’s little that can be done over it. Having a China or Hong Kong trading company on the ground who knows the Chinese business culture provides a great advantage over doing it alone.

3. We Negotiate Prices, Inspect the Shipments, and Have Good Relationships with Chinese Shipping Companies
This means we can ship the product to you at competitive rates. Here again, having someone on the ground in China is invaluable. It’s far better to have a Chinese person negotiating with a Chinese company than a European or American.

4. Our Trading Company Backs up the Quality Towards Your Specifications
Although we do everything we can to avoid problems, in the rare occasion which you may receive faulty product not made to the written specifications you supplied us prior to production, we will negotiate getting replacement product from the factory.

5. This Means You do not Need to Worry and Can Sleep at Night
Having someone you can rely on indicates you won’t get burned. We’ve been in business since 2013 (former name, Nice Talent Trading ltd.) and our approach is to work for long term relationship.